The Story Of Josephine Lau of Floral Magic
We speak to the talented individuals responsible for the state of craft in Singapore, we caught up with the lovely Josephine Lau of Floral Magic to talk about life before the madness, what inspires her and how she spends her weekends.

How about a little introduction of yourself and tell us what you do ?
I am Jo and I work with my mum, sister and aunts as a florist. We put together flowers for homes, festive seasons, events, weddings... anything really!

What were you doing before Daughters / Floral Magic ?
What motivated you to become as a professional florist ? I was working on Blueprint and Emporium, the fashion trade show part of Asia Fashion Exchange in Singapore. It was such an awesome experience but I really missed working with my hands like I did in art class back in school, so I joined my mum as a florist.

Where do you draw your inspiration from ?
Nature - the way flowers grow, leaves sprout,  ferns alongside tree bark. That's where we learn how to pair colours, flowers, texture and more.
What are some of the challenges you face occasionally ?
The climate is our greatest challenge! We don't feel it much living here in Singapore, but working with nature forces you to be aware about the seasons. The cold snap really affected the flower crops from US, China, etc, supply was really low and even when there are flowers the planes can't take off. I can't even begin to describe how nervous it makes me feel.

You derive the most satisfaction from ....
... putting together hand-tie bouquets because you are either in complete control or disarray.

You spend the weekend….
... setting up events and weddings, much to the dismay of my friends.

Name 1 thing in the world you can't live without now.
Sleep, or scissors? I can't decide.

Any words of advise for the aspirating individuals starting out on their own ?
Keep working at it without fear or frustration.

[Photo credits : Floralmagic and Lilreddotfolks]
January 21, 2014 — The General Co
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