"The General Co is a collective of new generation craftsmen, artisans and designers offering luxury craft services to discerning customers and brands. From personalised leather gifts to custom handcrafted goods for individuals or corporates, our network of makers deeply rooted in craftsmanship will help you to realise your vision."

Since our inception back in 2012, we have nurtured the growth of numerous young aspiring craftsmen and craftswomen, providing them with mentorship, exposure and business support, allowing them to delve deeper into the pursuit of their crafts without inhibitions. Under our profiling and management, our craftsmen have managed to steadily grow their digital presence, work with several reputable international brands and scale their respective setups.

Apart from providing support to our local makers, The General Co has always believed that public education and interaction with crafts plays a huge role in the growth of our local artisanal industries. We have been one of the pioneers in providing informal craft and design education to the public via accessible craft workshops which we continue to do so today on our own as well as with the support of various brands as partners in selected workshops.

Back in 2014, we introduced a co-working space for craftsmen, The Refinery Workspace as a creative hub allowing various communities of craftsmen and designers to come together in a common place to connect and collaborate. As a result, we are able to bring multiple disciplines of craft and design practitioners together, to work together and learn from one another, creating more meaningful and impactful pieces.

"Our aim is to elevate the value of crafts around the region and showcase the exceptional work of our gifted pool of craftsmen and makers from Singapore."

To date, we are happy to see increased continuous support from both local companies and international brands, coming forward to enlist the services of our craftsmen to commission them for private projects and campaigns.

At The General Co, we believe in preserving the heritage of traditional crafts in our contemporary society and building a better collaborative ecosystem to support young aspiring craftsmen and makers. Through public education and more avenues for interaction with crafts, everyone can better understand the value of craft: the laborious and intricate processes as well as the amazing stories of the passion people behind them.

Do drop us an email at hello@thegeneralco.sg if you think we can be of service in any way.