Looking to put together some engaging activities for your private events?
The General Co provides full fledged creative services to help you plan for your upcoming event activations – from designing and production of the door gifts to conceptualising interactive touch-points for your guests to experience craft up close and personal.


/ Leather Marquetry Workshop at Loewe Boutique, 2021 /
The General Co represents a talented collective of craftsmen and artisans for hire at your private events and projects. Their unique skills and material specialisations range from leather craft, marquage painting, woodworking, printmaking, calligraphy, glass engraving, shoe-making to industrial design and many more.

loewe_blockprinting_1loewe_blockprinting_2loewe_blockprinting_3/ "Golden Ox" Traditional Block Painting for at Loewe Boutique, 2021 /

If you are looking to create an engaging and memorable experience which is fitting of your esteemed brand, drop us an enquiry with your name and contact number and our team get back to you shortly.
We had the kind pleasure of working with some amazing clients including: