Modern Calligraphy: Flourishing (Online)

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Dates :

3 July 2021, Saturday

Time :

Duration :
90 min 

Conducted by :

Joyce, Founder and Calligrapher at Artsynibs Studio

Description :

Modern Calligraphy: Flourishing is a workshop catered to intermediate-level participants, focusing just on flourishing!

This class is MADE FOR YOU if you:

  • Don’t know how flourishing works / where to place them
  • Just can’t seem to work out why your flourishing looks wonky
  • Are intimidated by the thought of flourishing your calligraphy

In this 90-minute workshop, Joyce will address all these burning issues and get you confident in attempting flourishing on your own.

    What You’ll Learn:

    1. Types of flourishing
    2. Where to place your flourish
    3. Proportions

    What You’ll Receive:

    • Digital copies of the notes
    • 1-month access to the replay videos

    What You’ll Need:

    • A pen of your choice - Pencil, nib & ink or brush pen
    • Printer to print your notes.
    • Calligraphy friendly paper or notebook
    • Extra Phone Tripod - You can tune in with more than 1 device during the livestream if you’d like us to correct you as you write. We usually require a top-down view or one that allows us to see your pen.
    • Internet connection - Just because this session will first be live-streamed and then made available for you to download.