Modern Calligraphy Masterclass (Online)

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Dates :

17 October – 14 November 2020, Saturdays

Time :

Duration :
120 min (per session)

Conducted by :

Joyce, Founder and Calligrapher at Artsynibs Studio

Description :

Mastering Modern Calligraphy is a 5-week online course that takes you through the basics of Modern Calligraphy with a pointed pen, all the way to the more complex concepts like layout.

In this 5-week course, you’ll be taken through a comprehensive programme beginning right from the very basics like pen grip and posture to complex concepts like understanding the know-how on flourishing. This course will lay a solid foundation for your calligraphy practice so you’ll be equipped with the know-hows on practising effectively on your own, leaving you with the tools to continue on this life-long journey independently.

Whilst every session is live, you’ll be able to record them for your own replays in the future. You’ll also be invited to join the Artsynibs inner circle Facebook group where you will enjoy regular Q&A sessions, exclusive promotions from our partners and even giveaways.

Programme :
Week 1 - Theory, posture, pen grip and drills
Week 2 - Basic strokes and lowercase
Week 3 - Lowercase continued and uppercase
Week 4 - Ligature, spacing and flourishing
Week 5 - Flourishing continued and layout

This course is for you if you’re a hobbyist, aspiring calligrapher, seasoned practitioner or an overall creative soul who:

  • Desires to learn Modern Calligraphy with a pointed pen in a structured and easy to understand manner.
  • Is looking for a creative breakthrough despite having practiced pointed pen calligraphy for a while now.
  • Wants to know exactly what to do and avoid for an effective practice experience.
  • Is seeking to diversify your creative portfolio for your design work.
  • Hopes to understand the ‘why’s and ‘how’s when creating actual calligraphy pieces.
  • Wants to know the insider tips and tricks on how to apply your calligraphy onto unconventional projects.
Pricing Information :
Regular Ticket: This ticket gives you access to all 5 sessions at the regular rate.
Session 1 & 2: This ticket give you access to only sessions 1 & 2 where the most beginner level topics are covered.
Session 3 - 5: This ticket gives you access to sessions 3, 4 & 5 where intermediate level topics are covered.

For more information, please click onto this link for the full listing on Artsynibs site and for some FAQ answered!