Leather Crafter

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Boon graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2005 with a major in Economics. Like the majority of his cohort, he took on a Finance job right after graduation, as it seemed the most suited to this studies.

“My first encounter of leather crafting was probably when I was 11. There was one day when my dad wanted to throw away a pair of worn out boots, but I decided to recycle them into a pencil box. I broke 3 needles in the process of sewing it and had very sore fingers for the next few days and what I got eventually was a disastrous looking case,” Boon laughed.

Up until only recent years, this experience was just remembered as a lovely piece of childhood memory until quarter-life crisis struck him. During that period, Boon took time to reflect upon what he had achieved thus far and tried to figure out what kind of impact he would like to make in the future. He realized that he wanted to live his life beyond just seeking monetary fulfillment, to have the passion and the drive to seek the ultimate perfection, whilst also retaining the most important factor in life – happiness. Thus, he decided to fulfill his childhood calling of leather crafting.

Boon started his own brand Crimson Hides, which focuses on customized leather products and also embraces all things leather related.

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“Since young, I have been fascinated with the fundamental aspects of how things are created from nothingness,” Boon said, “this has led me to form a deep appreciation for quality handmade goods. And leather products take the top spot of my list.”

Boon believes that each individual piece of work does not only portray the crafter’s view but also the natural patina of the leather as each piece has its age and its own story to tell with its scars, scratches and abrasions.

A piece of well-crafted leather product can be akin to a gourmet dish prepared with love. Even though made with the best ingredients, a dish can only reach its full potential of enjoyment only when prepared with the thoughtfulness of the individual palette in mind. This is when one lives to eat and not just eat to live.

“A wallet is not just an item where you keep your bills, but rather, it is a statement of who you are. I believe that the key to improvement is repetition with a twist. A rule that I set for myself is that every item has to be better than the previous one,” Boon added, “I like the quote from Henry Ford – quality means doing it right when no one is looking. I can see that this value is shared among other craftsmen of The Balvenie Connoisseurs of Craft Initiative too.”

If you would like to engage Boon Hwee for your events, drop us an email at hello@wearethegeneralcompany.com.