Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

Ewe Jin Tee, or EJ, has come a long way since he first doodled on his school notice boards, turning his fascination with typography into a profession. Though he pursued a Diploma in Graphic Design and Multimedia, he found himself drawn towards traditional hand lettering after seeing a beautifully calligraphed wedding invite on Pinterest.

That little spark inspired him to delve deeper into the world of calligraphy and hand lettering and he has since been practising the craft since 2012. Though he prefers working with brushes and markers, he is continually exploring various styles and techniques with other instrumentals, such as pen nibs and paint brushes.

With a self-professed love of writing in black and white inks because of the strong contrast and legibility on any surface, EJ has amassed a huge following on Instagram, with his work selected for publication in the 3rd volume of “Typism” which features the work of various talented artists worldwide.

EJ opines: “Craftsmanship is something that leaves an impression when people look at your work. It is something a machine cannot do—that has that natural human touch to it.”

EJ still practices daily to perfect his skills as a lettering artist. While predominately working on paper and other card stocks, he has gone on to explore other surfaces and mediums such as wood, metals and glass as well as to better understand ink types and properties. Inspired by traditional sign painters, he is looking to create large pieces of works showcasing his hand lettering skills.

If you would like to engage Ewe Jin for your events, do drop us an email at hello@thegeneralco.sg.