General Social Club : Brought to you by The Balvenie

The Importance of Family

Everyone loves a good gathering. Even more so if those gatherings involve meaningful conversations with passionate people and their stories.

In partnership with The Balvenie, we invited creative professionals and inspiring individuals alike to convene over an intimate dinner to talk various social topics. From young hawkers, florists, ice cream makers, designers to architects, everyone gathered around the table to break bread and boundaries, bond over common narratives, share our values and visions with one another.

The motivation was to cultivate a better community of sharing and connecting amongst kindred spirits, focusing on more facetime and less screentime. Collectively, everyone can inspire each other and break new grounds, to accomplish greater things, push for change in our communities and impact our society, all while enjoying simple food and fine spirits. 

Some of the invited guests for Edition 1 include :

Josephine Lau - Floral Magic
Victor Lim - Creamier
Arthur Chin - Foreign Policy
Sarah Ichioka - Curator

Check out some snaps of the dinner below :

(To find out more on what happened, visit our Facebook page here)

 Special thanks to Wild Rocket for the excellent hospitality


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June 29, 2018 — The General Co
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