The Sustainable Box
The Sustainable Box
The Sustainable Box
The Sustainable Box

The Sustainable Box

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Art of Living 2.0
27 July 2020


This box includes:

1. White Tea & Freesia | Hand & Body Wash (300ml) by The Verdant Lab

Surround your senses with the floral accords of Freesia and warm musk in this luxurious Hand & Body Wash. Use it as a hand wash to gently remove sebum and dirt without stripping your skin of its natural oils. As an everyday body wash, it's perfect for both the start and the end of your day.

Free from colourants, sulfates, parabens, silicones and it is vegan-friendly. Suitable for all skin types.

The Verdant Lab is a homegrown artisanal lifestyle brand that focuses on creating distinct products that are good for your body, perfect for your home and kind to the planet. Every ingredient in our quality products and luxurious scents are meticulously sourced and elegantly put together in thoughtful packaging.

2. Eco-resin Dish (Small) by GRAMS
The dish is perfectly sized as a small accessories tray, soap dish or table organiser.

 is a brand of modern sustainable handmade objects and surface design materials based in Singapore. Their collection of trays, vessels, decorative homewares and surface materials are produced in small batches with a focus on artisan design and minimising waste. In the case of breakage, you can return you GRAMS pieces to trade it in for other units as the broken bits can be recycled in future production batches. 

3. Cherry Habanero Hot Sauce by Kausmo

Perfect for making buffalo wings with, or just enjoyed with some steak, roasted vegetables or even in a burrito/sandwich! (Exp: 26 September 2020)

Derived from the word "Cosmos", which means a system of thought. Kausmo is a small team that aims to challenge food norms towards a more sustainable and conscientious living, and essentially encouraging others to make better thoughtful decisions. Their concept; Unrestrained fine food in a comfortable casual setting.