Cocktail Making at Home / 25 Nov Sun 1400-1600 hrs

$90.00 SGD
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Date :
25 Nov Sun

Time :
1400-1600 hrs

Duration :
150 mins 

Conducted by :
Shah – Little Bastard's Bartender 

Location :
Little Bastard, 115 King George's Avenue

(Get directions from the friendly staff at The Refinery to our secret training location!)


Description :

This highly interactive workshop provides participants with basic understanding for cocktail-making, starting with an introduction of basic bar tools and finally how to use common equipment found at home to make simple and delicious cocktails for enjoyment in your own comfort!

Participants will learn basic methods such as stirring, muddling, shaking & layering. At the program's conclusion, participants should be able to;

  • have a better understanding of bar tools.
  • differentiate liquor/ liqueur/ aperitif, etc.
  • understand techniques of cocktail-making and why each technique is being used.
  • create delicious cocktails with ingredients found at home.

 Through this workshop, get to learn how to create 3 different cocktails:

  • Shaken – Simply Yeo's (in-house cocktail)
  • Stirred – Smoky Bastard (in-house cocktail)
  • Muddled – Classic Mojito

Note: This workshop is only open to participants of legal drinking age under the law of Singapore.  

Cancellation Clause :
A refund of 50% of the workshop fee will be issued for all the cancellations made in writing and received less than 7 days prior to the workshop date.

No refunds or credits will be issued for No Shows on the day of the workshop.