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Preserving legacy crafts and empowering a new generation of craftsmen and tradesmen

The General Company is Singapore's premier community driven craft agency, connecting leading brands with skilled local craftsmen. We believe in preserving the heritage of traditional crafts in our contemporary society and building a building a better collaborative ecosystem to support young aspiring craftsmen and makers to help them grow and build sustainable models for themselves.
Working closely with private clients that value craftsmanship, we conceptualise and execute bespoke hands-on experiences, allowing them to tell their brand stories better. Through education and interaction with craft, we can then better understand the value of hand crafted goods, the laborious and intricate processes behind them and the amazing stories of the craftsmen who create them.
It's about the celebration of craftsmanship, the dedication needed to master a particular craft and the love of the unique and beautiful products that skilled craftspeople produce.

Boutique Craft Agency

Founded in 2012, The General Company is an independent boutique craft agency based in Singapore. All about forging new grounds for like-minded craftsmen, we believe in the craft of creatives who build beautiful goods with a sense of purpose and good design.

We also organise regular workshops with local artisans who are experts in their field. Patrons can expect classes ranging from leathercrafting, terrarium making to floral arrangement and woodworking. Not only do participants get a hands-on experience, they are also brought into the world of the particular craft to better appreciate the laborious and intricate processes of hand making goods.

Artisan Management

The General Company represents a talented pool of aspiring craftsmen who are pursuing traditional trades, providing them with support and opportunities to work with brands that value heritage and traditional craftsmanship, be it through events or commissioned jobs.

Bespoke Experience Creators

Our capabilities range from conceptualisation and design to production and execution, allowing us to elevate brand stories through the use of craft, design and live engagements.

Brand Storytellers

We work with a team of photographers and videographers to produce relevant online content for brands. Our expertise in social media strategy and content creation for the digital sphere is varied, and not limited to brands which focus on craft. 
Do drop us an email at hello@thegeneralco.sg if you think we can be of service in any way.